On sixteen kilometer of road from Bar to Ulcinj, in place on cascade-preformed location by the sea has placed tourist komplex Rocky Beach.

Architectonicaly buil in full symbiosis with the surrounding, with the rich offers selection of Rocky Beach, for the fifth summer attracts the attention of home and foreing, not just tourist, but also media. The bathers, from the bar in witch they can be served with the most multifarious assorment of non-alcoholic and alcoholic drinks, until the entrence into the sea, are distant only few steps. Except the classical innkeeper contents, Rocky Beach to the visitors, witch here in full comfort can spend the whole day, offers the pool for kids, pool for grownups, around wihs in place three hundred bearings.

Those who prefer the enjoyment in the sea can just make two steps down the stairs that from the terrace with the pool lead right to the beach.From the July and the August heat, the escape can be found on the three covered terraces.Lovers of the copper complexion can found enough sun on the other two terraces with the bearings, on witch are for any case, placed big parasols.Just to not found, the lowest based terraces ins only a meter above the sea, and its equipped with the accomplanying accessories – bearing, sliding boards and shower – baths.

The road toward the refreshmants lead to the two bars, long seven and three and a half metars, and the whole capacity of the object is thousend visitors, witch makes it the biggest bathing – establishmant of that kind in the Bars Riviera.

Except from enjoying in the pool and nearby bar, the thing that makes all the guests stay all day along here, is more than exquisit restaurant with about 200 places, where you will be offered by the complete menu of sea fruits, barbecue specialities, various sweets and other culinary surprises.

The special quailty of Rocky Beach is a huge parking lot with 200 places, incomportable more then anywhere else in the Montenegro Riviera.So its not strange that this place is a favorite enterainment on the beach even from the far distant parts of our coast.The parking lot can be reached with the access road on the Adriatic highway from city of Bar direction, which leads right to the Rocky Beach building..

Beside the innkeeper offers during the whole season, the guests in the local are severed with various music programs singed by elite home DJ-s, Rocky Beach organizes a guests performances of the home show bussines artists.

In order to be sure that this is not only a story, come and see yourself the quality of our service.

Come to enjoy together !


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